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AdWords Consultant

We specialize in Google AdWords & PPC management. We can help you save time and improve results. We offer affordable programs and personal service. Want better results? We can help you. Talk directly with a Google Partner and AdWords / PPC expert right now about your business, your goals and your needs.

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It starts with a free consultation with an AdWords consultant and a conversation about your business, your goals and your challenges. It’s free to talk, and there’s no pressure or sales gimmicks. We’re not commission or sales driven.You may also want to take advantage of a free, in-depth evaluation of your AdWords campaign. We’ll discuss specific areas that need attention and strategies to implement in order to improve results.

Why Use An AdWords Consultant?

  • Complexity: Google AdWords management is becoming increasingly complex and intricate.
  • Time savings: Effectively managing campaigns is very time consuming. I
  • Cost savings: If you’re not keeping your eye on the bottom line with AdWords management, you can waste a lot of money.

Why Use OUR AdWords Consulting Service:

  • Personal, professional AdWords management
  • Individual management by an AdWords Consultant and Google AdWords author Steve Pitt
  • We specialize in AdWords Consultant service and AdWords management
  • Not a big agency, personal, responsive service
  • Better results. In almost every case, we improve client’s results
  • Save time. AdWords management is time consuming. You focus on your business, we’ll focus on your AdWords management.
  • Simplification. AdWords management is complex. We make it simple and do the work for you.

Reasons You’ll Love Our Service

  • No set up or cancellation fees
  • Month to month programs
  • Affordable service
  • Transparent AdWords management. We work thru a link to your AdWords account.
  • Individual account management by Steve Pitt, an expert in Google AdWords management.
  • Responsive service.

Our AdWords Consultant Service Includes:

  • Comprehensive Google AdWords management
  • Personal, responsive service
  • A knowledgeable expert to work directly with you
  • Conduct extensive and ongoing keyword research
  • Set up campaigns based on industry best practices
  • Structuring ad groups in to tightly structured themes, focusing on related keywords, with relevant ads, ad text and landing pages
  • Work continuously to improve quality scores, which can reduce cost per click and improve results
  • Improve click thru rates, both on a campaign, ad group and keyword level
  • Adjust keyword bids based on statistical data
  • Build out a rich negative keyword list, which will help block irrelevant clicks and reduce costs
  • Analyze competition and look for additional keyword opportunities
  • Run multiple ads per ad group. Pause lower performing ads, and test new ads. Repeat the process on an ongoing basis.
  • Review and optimize the keyword search report on a bi-weekly basis
  • Review the opportunities tab and implement any pertinent suggestions
  • Merchant Center / Product Listing Ads management (if appropriate)

Frequently Asked Questions about AdWords Consultant Service:

  • Do I own the account? – Yes, we work from a link to your Google AdWords account. Everything is transparent and you keep all the work we do
  • Is there a setup fee or cancellation fee? – No, we have no setup or cancellation fees
  • What are your credentials?-We are a Google Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professional. Member of Better Business Bureau. We have over 3 years of AdWords management experience.
  • Are you a re-seller? -No, you pay for the cost of the advertising and pay us to manage your account
  • How long is the agreement for? – We work on a month to month basis
  • Who manages my account and who do I contact if I need help? -You work directly with Steve Pitt, who is a top AdWords consultant and author of the book: Google AdWords: Better Result In 30 Days.
  • How much time and effort will you put into my advertising? -We invest a substantial amount of time in the initial setup, as this is critical to success. Once we have everything properly set up and adjusted, we optimize and adjust your account on a bi-weekly basis, in most cases.
  • How much do I need to spend? -That’s up to you. We have client’s that spend as little as $250 a month and as much as $40,000 per month
  • What if I want to take over the AdWords management myself in the future? -That’s fine. It’s your account and your business. Do what’s best for you. You own all the work we do for you.
  • What about reports? -We send you comprehensive reports at the end of each 30 day cycle.
  • What do you charge? -For most client’s, we charge $325 per month or 10% of your monthly spend, whichever is greater. If we are managing Google, Bing and Yahoo (comprehensive PPC management) it’s $525 per month or 10% of your monthly spend, whichever is great.
  • What if I’m not happy? -Let us know, and we’ll try to make it right. We guarantee the quality of our work, not sales or leads. If after 15 days you’re still not happy, let us know and we’ll cancel your service and refund our management fee.
  • How do I get started? – Call us toll free at 855-322-6052. We’ll discuss your specific situation and send you an agreement.
  • When do you start working on my account? – In most cases, the same day that you send in your agreement.

Here are Some Specific Things to Look for When Hiring an AdWords Consultant:

  • Make sure they will do the work for you and work thru a link to your account.
  • Make sure that you keep all of the work they do and it is not their “intellectual property”.
  • Only work with a Google Partner. Google sets strict requirements for it’s partners, including education and ethics.
  • Work on a month to month basis. Don’t sign any long term contracts.
  • Do you want to work with an AdWords consultant or an AdWords agency? An agency may be a large company with numerous employees and sales driven. An AdWords consultant can give you individual, personal attention.
  • Never work with a company that does AdWords management “blindly”. It is absolutely critical that you own the account and have full access to everything.
  • Be cautious of paying setup or cancellation fees
  • Be cautious when working with overseas agencies. Is their native language English? Remember, they will be writing lots of ads, and it’s critical that they sound natural and the grammar is correct
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary if they make claims that your ad will always be number one, that your ad will always show or that you’ll receive a guaranteed number of clicks or conversions. AdWords management and PPC management does not work that way.

Internet Expert Online is an expert in AdWords Consultant, AdWords management and Pay Per Click management firm. We’re a Google AdWords Partner, as well as a Bing Ad Professional. We provide cost effective campaign set up and AdWords management, all on a month-to-month basis.

Call us at 855-322-6052 to talk directly with an expert AdWords consultant.