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Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Your landing page (or website) is critical to internet marketing success and pay per click advertising results.

A bad landing page (or web site) can have a negative impact on leads, conversions, user time on the site, and their overall impression of your business.

Internet Expert Online offers cost effective landing page design in conjunction with WordPress sites. Our landing pages have been professionally designed and tested, with the goal of increasing conversions.

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Landing Page Design

According to SalesHub: “If you are paying for high search engine placement, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your purchase. As a result, you need to quickly and efficiently convert visitors into leads and leads into sales. When it comes to ads, you’re really only guaranteed one click, and redirecting a customer to another page may cause them to leave. Landing pages aren’t just important because they allow you to convert leads quickly, but also because they can reduce your bounce rate.”

Internet Expert Online knows how important a good landing page is to PPC advertising success. We use professionally designed landing pages that have been designed and tested for pay per click advertising, with the goal of improving results and increasing conversions. We customize your landing page with your logo, your wording (content), your images (or stock images related to your business) and anything else you want. The goal is to help you improve your paid advertising results, increase leads and sales.  In general, most landing pages we design are $210 per page, plus any costs of for landing page themes and artwork.

You can even run split A/B tests of your landing page (different versions) and see which one does better. You can be involved in the landing page design or you can be hands off, and let our professional designer develop a landing page(s) for your PPC advertising campaign.

Some samples of the landing pages we’ve designed

Keep in mind, there’s plenty of options regarding landing page design and layout

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