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Internet Expert Online offers professional WordPress web design services for your needs and budget. From design to development, we can help you get the look and feel you want for your company’s website.

<strong><em>1.</em></strong>WE COLLECT YOUR INPUT

Send us the specifications for the site you want us to design. We have a form that you can find below for giving us your design input.

<strong><em>2.</em></strong>HOME PAGE DESIGN

Our designer creates a mockup for the home page based on your input, as a first attempt to capture what you’re looking for.

<strong><em>3.</em></strong>REVIEW ROUND

You then review the home page mockup and give your feedback on things you want to change.

<strong><em>4.</em></strong>DESIGNING THE REST OF THE PAGES

Then we proceed with designing the rest of the pages in line with the look and feel that we found while creating the design for the home page.

<strong><em>5.</em></strong>ADJUSTING ALL NEW PAGES

We adjust all pages based on your feedback, and send new versions back to you for more feedback or approval. Steps 6 and 7 are repeated until you’re happy with the result.

<strong><em>6.</em></strong>GET A FINAL QUOTE

When you and your client are happy with the designs, we provide a fixed-price quote for developing it as a custom WordPress site.

We develop a WordPress site from your design files, using whatever format you prefer (PSD, Sketch, Webflow, Illustrator).

If you have premium themes that you like to work with, we can build your sites on those instead of doing a custom build.

If your client already has a site and wants to convert it into WordPress, we’re happy to do it for you.

Occasionally we do get requests to modify existing WordPress themes, but many times a custom build is preferrable.

Our development team will assist in moving all websites live when ready. We have experience with many different hosts.

Avoid spending your own time copy-pasting — in our standard quotes, we include moving 10 pages of content. Additional content is quoted separately.

WordPress is already optimized to be search friendly, but we also include the Yoast SEO plugin and Google Analytics by default.

We can help make your sites load faster by optimizing images and minifying CSS and Javascript files for you.

We secure every website we build by providing the most current version of WordPress, thoroughly tested plugins, and The Login Lockdown plugin.

We can support multilingual websites by installing and setting up the WordPress Multilingual Plugin.

Our team can handle product setup, payment gateways, shipping standards and other customizations upon request.

We’re happy to develop sites pixel perfect, although most agencies find it more valuable to go with our default “near-pixel perfect” option.


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