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Expand your reach with advertising on Microsoft Ads!

Microsoft Search Network can boost traffic by offering an additional customer audience and increase diversity,
growth and profits for your business.

While most of our client’s advertise on Google, many also choose to advertise on Bing / Microsoft Ads, as they have a piece of the search market that Google does NOT have.  According to Microsoft, the Microsoft Search Network audience is sophisticated, educated and financially secure.

The Microsoft Search Network audience is sophisticated, educated and financially secure, with 30% of users having an income of $85,000, 47% of users under the age of 45, and 1/2 of users having a bachelors degree.

Reach additional users, save time and results focused, professional Bing Ads management service.

We’re a Microsoft Partner, specializing in affordable Bing Ads management since 2010. We can save you time by managing your Bing Ads advertising with a focus on improving results and increasing conversions and leads.

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Experienced Digital Agency


We know how to help grow your business by target marketing your products and services on the internet, where users are actively searching for businesses like yours.


We keep our overhead low, and pass on the savings to you! Our prices are among the most competitive for United States-based, English-speaking internet marketing companies.

Results Focused

We focus on results. For most clients, this means leads and sales. Reaching qualified prospects who are interested in your services or products, and connecting with them.

Services We Specialize In

Bing Ads Management

Advertising on Bing (Microsoft Ads) is a smart, effective way to reach new customers that are NOT using Google.

Microsoft Ads users tend to be older and have higher income.

You can set and control your daily budget, target users in your geographical area, target the keywords most relevant to your business, and track results.


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We can help your business effectively reach prospective customers on the web,
who are actively searching for your services or products on the internet.

We help our clients save time, and money and get better results. clients.
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